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Usually when something new is created, we ask the customers for their opinion. This is a well-known and safe way of proceeding with product design. However, if you accidentally ask the wrong customers the wrong questions with the wrong emphases, you often end up with 'wrong' answers.

The customers are not necessarily able to distance themselves from the here and now in order to reflect on general questions about concept design. There may also be a problem of customers requesting a variety of already existing things without wanting to pay for them. Thus, conducting a customer interview process may end up producing a multitude of unrealistic wishes.

This project draws from the American Hotel of Tomorrow project , where the future aspect of hotels has been studied for years. In addition, the basis for planning includes a Bachelor's thesis by three Haaga students, surveys and studies carried out by the teachers an researchers at the Haaga Unit, and the expertise as well as the research and development work of the partner companies.

The idea is that we build two guest room concepts, and when they are ready, they will be subject to customer comments. From then on, the concepts will develop on the basis of customer feedback.
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